LyteSpeed Builds WOW Vblogger's Gaming PC
If your a World of Warcraft fanatic, then you are probably aware of If you are a Wow head fan than more than likely you know the Vblogger "Panser". LyteSpeed recently had the opportunity of assembling Panser's new gaming system using the "Confidential" Intel CPU she received directly from Intel (Unboxing Video Here). Panser has created a video showing off her new system, you can check it out on her Youtube Channel "Tradechat". Thank you Panser for choosing LyteSpeed Computers!
Now Offering Military and Senior Discounts
LyteSpeed Computers is now offering Military and Senior discounts. If you are an active Military member or you are Senior (over 55 years of age) then you can save 10% off any service or 5% off any hardware purchase. A valid form of ID will be required to obtain the discount and can only be used once per service/transaction. The discount cannot be combined with any other offers, specials or discounts.
Nearly 1 Million New Security Threats DAILY
Reports are coming in from Internet Security Teams at Symantec and Verizon that security threats are on the rise. So much so that nearly 1 million new threats emerge daily. This is an alarming figure that illustrates how difficult it's becoming to protect yourself or your business while using technology and the Internet. Read the whole article at CNN.
Windows Server 2003 Support Ending Soon
Mainstream support of Windows Server 2003 ended on July 13th, 2010 and Extended support is about to expire on July 14th, 2015. Running an unsupported operating system leads to various issues regarding security, PCI / HIPAA compliance and software / vendor support. If your company is still running Windows Server 2003 then now is the time to upgrade to a more modern system. Call us today to find out what we can do for your company.
New Cryptowall variant on the rise
Cryptography viral infections are becoming some of the most popular and damaging computer viruses to date. They encrypt all of your data "behind the scenes" then hold you ransom once the virus has run it's course. A new variant is coming out as an email in regards to a job posting. It includes an attachment that deploys the virus. More information regarding the virus can be found at