Virus and Spyware Removal
Malicious software comes in a variety of different forms and cause a serious disruption in your ability to use your computer. Many of these infections have techniques to elude typical Antivirus Software and exploit vulnerabilities in your operating system. This means that even if your are running Antivirus Software malicious software can still infect your PC. Are you experiencing any of the symptoms listed? Bring your computer in for a virus cleanup to insure your system is safe and secure. Our in-house designed software and skilled technicians will eliminate the malicious software that even the best Anti-Malware programs cannot remove.
Virus and Spyware Prevention
The Internet today is loaded with malicious software, literally thousands of new malicious programs are created daily. So preventing a virus infection from getting into your system can be a next to impossible task for most typical computer users. This makes for costly repairs and frustrations that ruin your computing experience. Thats why at LyteSpeed Computers we have come up with a reasonable solution to help you get the most out of your computing experience. We call it the "Virus Free for One Year" service, one low fee per year and all of your virus cleanups are covered. Contact us or stop in and speak with one of our friendly technicians for more details.