In-Store Laptop Repair Service
At LyteSpeed we offer a variety of Laptop specific repair services to suite of all your repair needs. All of our services are performed in-house at both store locations by our own skilled technicians. Flat rate pricing allows you to know what your paying for upfront and insures everyone pays the same low price. Services are performed on a "first come first serve basis" and can be dropped of at any time with NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY. If you need an emergency repair ask about our RUSH! Priority Service. Our RUSH! service starts your repair immediately and is prioritized by a team of technicians to insure the repair is completed as soon as possible.


Laptop Screen Replacements
Have a cracked or damaged LCD Screen? We perform screen replacements on all laptop brands.

DC/Power Jack Replacements
If your laptop is not charging or powering up you may have a damaged DC/Power Jack. We perform DC/Power Jack replacements on all laptop brands

Laptop Cooling System Service
If your laptop cooling fan has failed it can potentially cause serious damage to your laptop. It can also cause a variety of other issues such as system instability or premature hard drive failure (do to excessive ambient temperatures). If your laptop cooling fan is functioning but is still running hot it may be necessary to perform some maintenance to your cooling system. A cooling system service would consist of dust/debris removal from the heatsinks and fans. A new application of premium thermal compound is applied to all applicable components (CPU, GPU, Chipset, etc...) to insure optimal heat transfer to the cooling system. We replace and service the cooling fan(s) systems on all laptop brands.

Liquid Damage Assessment
If your laptop has sustained a liquid spill, we can disassemble the system and inspect the extent of the damage. Most of the time we can simply just replace the damaged components. If the system has heavy liquid damage we can perform a chemical wash to try and get the system back up and running. In the absolute worst circumstance your entire system may need to be replaced. We can still attempt to recover data from the system if this does occur.

Keyboard Replacements
If your keyboard is missing keys, certain keys are not functioning, the wrong characters are showing up or is randomly typing then it's time for a keyboard replacement. We offer keyboard replacements for all brands of laptops.

Chassis and Hinge Replacements
We offer replacements for all types of chassis components such as hinges, LCD housing, top panels/palm rests, sub frame connectors and everything in between.