Memory Diagnostic Testing
Computer memory is used to store data and information so that it's readily available to applications. If a memory module malfunctions then the application may crash, become corrupted, the computer may blue screen or freeze.

Hard Drive Diagnostic Testing
Hard Drives store all of the data on a computer including the Operating System and Applications. The hard drive is a comprised of many different sectors where the data is stored. Over time these sectors can become corrupted or damaged. Once this happens the hard drive will no longer be able to retrieve the data from those sectors. Conventional hard drives are made up of many different mechanical components which can also fail resulting in data loss or corruption.

Hardware Visual Inspection (This applies to Desktop Computers ONLY)
Visual inspection of the computer is helpful for identifying failing/failed or damaged components. Our skilled Technicians have a keen eye for failing components on Motherboards, Memory, Video Cards, Hard Drives and inside Power Supplies. The cooling system is also inspected to insure that all components are operating inside of normal specification.

Gaming System Diagnostics
Freezing, crashing, bluescreens and shutdowns can be a nightmare for gamers. Troubleshooting these issues can be even more difficult. Our Advanced Diagnostic service was designed specifically to narrow down the issue and get you back in the game.

Laptop Disassembly
Some repairs require a laptop to be disassembled in order to properly diagnosis the issue. Examples of this would be liquid spills, power jack issues, physical damage, seized hinges, etc... No matter what kind of laptop you have we service them all.