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For over 20 years LyteSpeed Computers has been servicing the IT needs of the Rochester area. Our dedicated business IT department offers a wide range of business IT services and technology support. No matter what size business you have we support all types of industries including Manufacturing, Automotive, Nonprofit Organizations, Medical and Dental facilities. LyteSpeed Business Solutions is here to meet all of your technology requirements and provide cost effective solutions.

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What are Managed Services?
Peace of Mind.

Managed services are the total coverage plan for all of your information technology needs. It's like having an entire I.T. department for one low monthly rate. Let us manage your Servers, Software, Backups, Maintenance and all your Information Technology. Proactive repairs and remote management allow us to keep your systems running smoothly with minimal interruptions. Take the frustration out of your company’s technology requirements with “Affordable Technology Management” from LyteSpeed Computers.

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What is I.T. HIPAA Compliance?
Violation Protection.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a law enacted by Congress to protect sensitive patient data by intuiting rule sets for Privacy and Security. These rules establish the national standard for companies that handle sensitive patient information and their requirement to provide confidentiality, availability and integrity. HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) was a dramatic update to the HIPAA Security rule and sets clear guidelines for appropriate interaction of health information. The new standard also increases the liability of companies, fines for non-compliance and more stringent enforcement. Insure your companies IT HIPAA compliance with monthly audits, system and security management from LyteSpeed Computers.

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What is Network Engineering?
Infrastructure Design and Implementation.

Thorough planning insures optimum network operation and efficiency. Network Engineers are the specialists that focus on selecting the appropriate components, equipment and configurations for your company's technology requirements. Once a design has been created, Engineers then implement the equipment and insure proper functionality. Through Managed Service the Engineers are able to monitor and maintain the infrastructure to insure maximum efficiency.

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What is Cloud Computing?
Smart Management.

Cloud Computing is a method of utilizing infrastructure that you access through data networks. Using "the cloud" means your company isn't required to house or maintain the infrastructure. It allows your employees to work from anywhere the Internet is accessible. Provides excellent scalability for future growth or technology requirements. Allows you to focus on your work with minimal downtime and disruption.

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What is Virtualization?
Scalable Reliability.

Virtualization is a technology that creates a virtual version of a device or software. Servers, Operating Systems, Storage Devices, Network Resources are all examples of devices that can be virtualized. Virtualization servers are a prime example of the technology, these systems can operate multiple virtual servers off of one or more systems. This type of implementation enables load balancing, scalability, reliability and easier management. Virtual systems are not hardware dependent and can be upgraded or migrated to new systems. This can save your company hours of downtime and hundreds of dollars in the event of a system failure or malfunction.

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What is Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)?
Data Safety and Security.

Data loss can be catastrophic for anyone. Imagine what would happen if your company lost ALL of your critical data. Intelligent RAID configurations, data backup techniques and cloud solutions keep your data safe and secure. Recovery solutions get your data back in the event of a malfunction, corruption or disaster.

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What is I.T. Consulting?
Analysis and Optimization.

Don’t leave your company’s I.T. analysis in the hands of a sales person. Our consultations are performed by skilled System and Network Engineers. Comprehensive analysis of your business technology requirements equals maximum efficiency and optimization.

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