LyteSpeed Computers has been serving the Rochester community for over 20 years.

Our Mission to Our Customers
We have always maintained a strong commitment to offering fast, inexpensive computer services to both home users and businesses.
For 6 Years in a row you have voted us the #1 Computer Repair Facility in Rochester NY and we strive to continue to deliver outstanding service to our customers. Give us a try and find out why LyteSpeed is and has always been Rochester's Premier Computer Service Company.

Customer Testimonials
"I have brought my laptop in for various types service 3 times within the past 2 years. Each time their service was great- reasonable turn-around time, fair pricing, courteous and cordial. I mentioned to our Systems Administrator (at work) that LyteSpeed services my laptop-his reply "Yes, I hear they do excellent work." My desktop in 9 years old and my laptop is 3 years old, so I know I'll be in the market for these in the near future. There are many sources to purchase from but I would very seriously consider making my purchase(s) from LyteSpeed".
- Nick Bianchi
"I don't use Yelp often...I created this account for the sole purpose of leaving this review! ...and even after leaving this, words will still not be able to express my awe to the fullest! Lytespeed is truly amazing! I'm currently living in California, but am here in Rochester taking care of my ailing father...constantly capturing every photo and video I can with my Samsung Galaxy phone. Unfortunately, like we all have done, I happened to have "misplaced" my phone while camping...but unlike most of us, it was actually at THE BOTTOM OF SENECA LAKE and found 3 DAYS LATER!! As you are right to assume I was devastated, believing that I lost all recorded memories. The people at T-Mobile said that everything was completely gone, but suggested I go to Lytespeed if there was to be any hope. The people at T-Mobile were correct, my phone was gone....however, to my disbelief, the staff at Lytespeed, and probably to their disbelief as well...hahaha...were able to transfer all of my photos and videos onto a disk for me! They were able to preserve all of the memories that I could have, SHOULD HAVE, lost forever...and to top that...the price for this seemingly impossible job was unbelievably affordable! So CHEERS LyteSpeed! ....I am blown away by your services and will be forever greatful!"
-Lisa D
"I have bought two laptops from them and had them come to my house to setup a network. I have had them service the laptops and desktops when they needed to be cleaned up and they do a wonderful job. As in all businesses as they get more customers the leads times can sometimes be extended. They always do their best to get it done as soon as possible. I wouldn't buy a computer at a store again. It comes loaded with software you don't need and can cause you problems down the road. LyteSpeed removes all these on your request when you purchase one from them. They only sell quality products they stand behind. Great people, great service, great store."
- Glen Blaakman
"One year ago I wanted to buy or build a desktop computer. As an engineer I could have easily built one for myself. Whenever I went to one of the "Big Box Stores", like Circuit City, Best Buy, CompUSA, or Walmart, there were ready to sell me a computer but no one could answer my questions about hardware and software. I did my research on the Internet looking for the best hardware and price. Following Mark Twain's advice, "Only a fool learns from experience alone." I decided to consult a professional, some one who build and maintains computers every day for a living, before beginning construction.

By accident I discovered LyteSpeed Computers. At their store I asked for an honest discussion of all the issues. I even offered to pay them $50.00 an hour for the information/knowledge they possessed and they refused the money! They just wanted to help. There was "zero pressure" to buy a computer. After talking 30 minutes they showed me a computer they had just built. It was exactly what I needed and their price was lower than the Internet. At my request, they installed and configured the computer with the exact video card I wanted, I bought the computer and 2 LCD Monitors (19" and 17"). They installed special software to protect the computer from virus attack, at no charge. They will maintain your system for a small fee.

If you're a busy professional like me, then time and money are important to you. What I've learned is that you buy locally for two reasons. First, you always have support close to home and if you ever have a problem, there are no shipping charges or long waits on the phone with customer service. Secondly, you support real people who, like you and I, have families that live in our community and the taxes paid cost less than shipping charges from buying on the Internet.

After one year of solid use I've had no problems and look forward to my next purchase, probably a laptop. My experience with LyteSpeed Computers is so positive that I felt compelled to write this letter. By the way, I was not offered any money or discount on a future purchase for this letter. My rule in business is "Help those that help you." You can't go wrong buying from LyteSpeed Computers."
- Warren Sauer
"I just wanted to tell you guys how happy I am to have found you. You built a computer for me within a few days that was crucial for me to have for my business. I used to purchase CAD Computers from a company out of Arizona, but they turned to Dell instead of custom building computers, so I searched locally and found you guys. The computer you built for me was a bit higher end than the average computer, and for the past few weeks it has provided the speed and reliability that I was hoping for. So, thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future."
- Aaron Gray
"My 2004 vintage Toshiba Satellite laptop began to slow down considerably over the last couple of months. I debated whether to purchase a new laptop or have my system checked out by LyteSpeed Computers. I made the right choice by having a diagnostic check and cleanup of my system performed by LyteSpeed. Not only did they save me a considerable amount of money, my laptop has never run faster. Thanks for the great service and quick turnaround! I recommend anyone contemplating the same issues I had to start with LyteSpeed Computers, you'll be glad you did!"
- Tom Ouimet